Thomas Goerttler

I am a software developer, statistician and composer.
Currently I am doing a Ph.D in Machine Learning at TU Berlin On this website you can see some of the stuff I did in my life.

Neuro Index Patch

I was developing an application that allows you to get to know if you have a disease. I did this in the context of my bachelor studies.

2048 3x4

The fantastic game 2048 with a grid of 3x4.: it is even hard to get 1024. Have fun!

Statistic Timetable

A web app that allows statistic students from Berlin to plan their semester (fall term 15/16 - fall term 16/17).

Wine economics quiz

This is a quiz for some interesting questions for wine economics. This app was created during my stay in Bozen-Bolzano.

4-phase tabu

4-phase tabu or simply "Das Zettelspiel" for game sessions with my parents and parents-in-law during Corona. (Game instructions are in German)